Part of a panel discussion at MIT

Part of a panel discussion at MIT


A Multivariate Data Analysis Method and Uses Thereof” - US patent (patent #7,043,401) with Dr. Genichi Taguchi

“Methods and Systems for Assessing Data Quality”- US patent (patent # 10,248,672)


1.     Robust Quality:  Powerful Integration of Data, Analytics and Process Engineering ” – CRC publication.  Released in August, 2018.  This book review has appeared in Quality Management Journal (QMJ).

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3.     “Design for Lean Six Sigma: A Holistic Approach to Design and Innovation”-John Wiley publication.  Published in April, 2008.

4.     “Computer based Robust Engineering: Essential for DFSS” (with Dr. Taguchi) - This book was released in 2004 by ASQ  Quality Press

5.     Mahalanobis-Taguchi-Strategy, A Pattern Technology System (with Dr. Taguchi) - John-Wiley & Sons Publication.  The book is published in May 2002.

Book Chapters

1.  “Importance of Data Quality for Analytics” Published in  Quality in 21st Century (2016) by Springer. Pages: 23-31  

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