Integrating Data Science and Process Engineering

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The latest book by Rajesh Jugulum provides an integrated approach by combining data quality and process quality approaches for ensuring robust quality. The methodology is combined with data quality, Lean and Six Sigma philosophies. Learn more.


This approach will guarantee performance improvements and decision making.

This book is an important step in the extension of quality and process improvement concepts to the fields of data & analytics.
— Prof. Thomas H. Davenport, Author of Process Innovation, Competing on Analytics, and Only Humans Need Apply
In an era of Big Data and analytics, an enormous gap remains between business investment and results. How can it be that we are data rich but wisdom poor? Rajesh’s Robust Quality delivers a roadmap for success to any firm that aspires to extract value from its data assets.
— Randy Bean, Founder and CEO, NewVantage Partners
In this thought-provoking book, Rajesh brings together data management & analytics with quality & process improvement methods. This capability should be at the core of any successful data-driven organization, and his book provides clear steps on how to get there.
— Leandro DalleMule, Chief Data Officer, AIG General Insurance
Dr. Jugulum’s new book, Robust Quality is a missing link to bring a “Deming mindset” to Data Analytics practice. Through this, one can accelerate the quality of decision making process.
— Dr. Phil Samuel, Chief Innovation Officer, Lean Methods Group
The book is very innovative and interesting! It allows the reader to deepen the world of analytics to understand how to contextualize it within DMAIC models.
— Prof. Gabriele Arcidiacono, Head Dept. of Innovation & Information Engineering, G. Marconi University, Italy